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27th December, 2016.
Executive Secretary, Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC), Rev. Tor Uja singing with the pilgrims during the Jesus Convocation for Nigeria on Mount Zion Jerusalem at St. Peter in Galicantu church on Christmas day.

Nigeria has a divine purpose which must be fulfilled - Rev. Uja

The Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC), Rev.Tor Uja has said that Nigeria as a nation has a divine purpose which must be fulfilled.

He made this assertion at the Jesus Convocation for Nigeria on Mount Zion Jerusalem at St. Peter in Galicantu church, on Christmas day.

The NCPC Boss asserted that "the world knows that Nigeria is an explosion ready to explode". He stressed that the battles against Nigeria are deep rooted battles which must be tackled spiritually,according to him, "Nigeria has no dealing with poverty and illiteracy".

Thus he affirmed that the gathering on Mount Zion should be a defining moment for Nigeria, stressing that Nigeria would soon know freedom and once Nigeria is free, many nations would acknowledge its relevance.

Rev. Uja also affirmed: "I never imagined that by providence we will gather here together from different parts of Nigeria in Jerusalem on a Christmas sunday to address issues".

He explained that despite all the challenges facing us as a nation, Nigeria has moved fast and well though we are still not satisfy with where we are as a nation.According to the NCPC helmsman, "it has pleased God that Nigeria will be in the driver seat to fight for the nations these last days".

The NCPC Boss further affirmed that "there is no nation that has faith like Nigeria in the whole world and it pleases God that Nigeria will be the largest gathering of the blacks in the whole world".

Rev.Uja used the opportunity of the service to inform that in the next few years Nigeria would be a pilgrimage destination and that the commission would introduce a number of specialised pilgrimages in the nearest future.

Jesus convocation for Nigeria on Mount Zion in Jerusalem on christmas day marked the climax of all the convocations the Commission initiated during the 2016 main pilgrimage; services were held on 4th December, 11th December and 16th December.

The Jesus Convocation on 25th December, offered the pilgrims the opportunity to pray for the revival of Nigeria and its leadership.

There were special songs by different state contingents such as Benue, Delta, Niger, Plateau and Enugu.

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